Helina:”Mariann, tead ühte asja vä?”

Mariann:”No mida siis?”

Helina:”Ähh, tead, ma ise ka ei tea seda asja!”

By Merle

Järjest ja järjest kõik tuleb uuesti me juurde. Uus kevad uus suvi uus kevad uus talv. Jälle ja jälle elame uesti. Taevas tinahall. Lund kerutab ümber jalgade. Jälle ja jälle otsast algame.


  1. Hello!!!!!!!!!!!! I would write many more of such dialogs, they grow scare as the years pass! Could we meet in September? Arriving on the 31st of August and staying in Tallinn for only 2 weeks. The countdown started, Merle so it is only one year what you have to plan and visit us in Spain, or would you send me Mariann for a week next Spring????

  2. A little more complex those between Emil the logical, and me, the old fashion out to date mother:
    Me: Emil you are not interested in handcrafts any longer? You were good at origami and many other nice stuff!
    Emil: Why I should bother when everything cold be purchased for less than the cost of materials?
    Me: Well, the fun is in the process of creating.
    Emil: Everything is already created and made in China! Read the papers mother!!!
    He is only 11. What an skeptical will he be at 30???

  3. One more thing but for Aarne wholikes quotes: “Choose your friends by their character and your socks by their color. Choosing your socks by their character makes no sense, and choosing your friends by their color is unthinkable”

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